Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Heritage Biography?
It is your own personal life story, conducted in the form of
an interview. It is usually about an hour long, in the form
of a DVD or videotape.

How will I know what to say?
You will be given a questionnaire to fill out. In outline
form, it covers your family history, education, job
experiences, marriage, courtship, children, hobbies and
much more. This information will serve as a chronological
guide through your life events. Should you see a section
on which you do not wish to be interviewed, you can omit
it. You can also organize photographs to go along with
the topics. They can be scanned into the interview at a
later date.

Where will it take place?
The session is filmed in the comfort of your home, which
gives you an ideal opportunity to “show and tell” about
favorite souvenirs, art, awards, and hobbies. Many
women like to relate and point out the details of family
jewelry like engagement rings or family heirlooms. Men
often talk about their military awards and decorations.

How much does a heritage biography cost?
The session runs $1000 for an individual (1 hour) and $1500 for a couple (2 hours). Additional hours are $100.
One copy of the session is included. Extra copies may
be ordered for $25 each. Payment can be made in full at any time or in three parts: $250 for the gift certificate/outline, $500 with the
completed outline, and the balance upon receipt of the video/
CD/DVD. The optional scan-in process also runs $100/

How is the quality of the finished product?
The interview is “simcha, or event quality,” i.e. a
professional photographer’s Bar Mitzvah/wedding

How can I look my best?
Ladies, schedule the session so that you will be fresh
from a hair appointment. If you wish, we can arrange for
the services of a professional makeup artist. Men should
get a hair cut one week before the taping session. Wear
your nicest clothes and jewelry just as you would for a
special family simcha.

Why a heritage biography?
The answer to this question is another question: How
would you like to take a video off the shelf of your great
great grandparents to see how they looked and spoke,
to hear about their experiences from their own lips?
With a heritage biography, you will be enabling your
descendants now and 100 years from now to have this
very experience.